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  Today's top 64 competition is the day when 64 enters 32. To be able to enter the knockout stage, every contestant has already won a generous reward, and at the same time, with each round, the reward is almost doubled.Tang Wulin didn't know how much stimulation he had given the teacher. His friends were gone, and he didn't go out again. I've got some knowledge about Shrek, especially after I joined the Forgers' Association, and I've made a contribution, and I've got a little more knowledge about the work-study students. So, the most important thing now is to improve myself, especially to be promoted to level 30 as soon as possible.When Wu Soul changed into a star wheel ice stick, her relationship with ice blade and ice spear was cut off.Leaf weight is calm, if the other party wants to make moves, it is absolutely fearless for leaf weight, and it can be killed in minutes.

  "I'll do it next." Beautiful Ren Huang SiKongJia look calm, he walked out, directly fell on the platform, staring at the opposite place.特色tvHe ate at this time, are quietly saved, Mu Ye gave him the level of natural resources and treasures of those foods. These foods are nutritious and can replenish his own qi and blood in the first time.Back to the side of the Tangmen combat vehicle, at this time, the light of the soul ring around has risen from those dead sandman worms, which is particularly obvious in this night.


The second soul ring finally lights up, and the speed of two-color light injection accelerates instantly. Under the growth of element control, with the spiritual level of Linghaijing, in the hands of Gu Yue, the rotating speed of this vortex is becoming faster and faster, and it is getting bigger and bigger. In a short time, it is already more than two meters high, and it is still constantly improving.They are tearing at each other's clothes almost crazily, as if all the * * repressed in their hearts were coming from generate at this moment.

Before Dan Palace, five descendants of the corpse king gathered together, and now their faces are somewhat ugly. They originally wanted to put Ye Chong under the command of the resin shortage college, and they could do whatever they wanted in the future, but what they never thought was that Yan Mo gens was so strong that they took Ye Chong away first. At the moment, for these descendants of the corpse king, Ye Chong is a huge treasure waiting to be opened. Since they have no way to open it, they must never let others open it. So, how can they watch Yan Mo gens beat them to the punch?Soon, the real dragon elixir threw the two jade bottles back. Ye reconnected in his hand and looked at it carefully, but the color of surprise appeared in his eyes. Because these two drops of liquid medicine are restrained, they are absolutely not inferior to any Dan liquid refined by Dan Shi's sacrifice. Such a thing is the top elixir in the world.Mecha battle, the top four!

"Don't know about that place. Our next goal is to find a way to run." Tiandaoshu is obviously very afraid of that place. When it was mentioned, it subconsciously shivered, maybe it didn't even notice it.Chapter one thousand and ninety-seven The ninth floor, Hei Di.

Chapter eight hundred and seventy-five The sea of smoke and flowersThe class promotion competition is an annual event for Donghai University. Because only the class promotion competition is for all grades and colleges to participate.